Face Masks

In an effort to meet the current demand for face masks to combat COVID-19 we have brought out a selection of our own. Buy plain white or in our fabric designs. More designs added daily.

Made with a double layer of 100% cotton with a pocket insert in between to place a filter. We supply each mask with four non woven spunbond filters for the insert. The main mask is washable and reusable and you can get additional filters from us if you need them.

Individually they cost R45. Alternatively, R400 for 10 masks, with R40 donated towards supplying masks to those that can't afford them. For every ten masks sold we will donate one to someone who needs one and can't afford to buy one.

Due to the wonderful response we have received to our face masks we are closing orders for now to give us a chance to catch up with production. We are working around the clock to fill orders and thank you all for your support!

SA lockdown is a bit of a curve ball for delivery but we will continue to manufacture from home and explore delivery options once there is clarity on the details of lockdown.