2019 Stowe & So Desk Calendar by Tori Stowe

R 160.00

This A3 year planner or 'doodlepad' consists of thirteen pages and a backing board. A detachable cover to plan and view your year at a glance and 1 full calendar page per month of the year on which to sort out the details. 

My favourite annual task is to design and illustrate our desk organiser. I compile all the doodles, sketches and thoughts of the year and invite them to chat to each other. It’s like throwing an annual out-of-hand, no-holds-barred office party for the characters in my sketchbooks.

Each year it has a slightly different theme or feel – depending on my headspace and what has happened the previous year. Last year’s was very ‘South African’ in theme because I had the feeling we needed to hug our country to ourselves. This year, 2019, is very much about getting stuff done, improved and organised (which is more practical and useful than hugging). There are habit trackers, spaces to make plans, lists and goals, challenges, motivational drawings of ants, bees, warthogs and other hardworking animals plus quotes to make you laugh – because nothing gets done without silliness.

It is chock full of wisdom, inspiration and humour with kind drawings to hold your hand through the toughest days of 2019