Stowe & so Dog Beds

R 290.00

Introducing our new dog beds / bed-covers.

They come in three sizes.

  1. 50cm x 50cm  = Basically Cat
  2. 70cm x 70cm = Labradoodle
  3. 1m x 1m = Nearly a Horse

Prices include foam slab filling. The fabric - designed and printed by ourselves of course - is a durable but comfortable linen cotton mix. Closed with velcro strips, the covers can be stripped off and thrown into the washing machine.

Please note that all dog beds are made to order and ship within 7 working days.

The standard bed uses general purpose foam but we can supply high density foam which costs a bit more. Please let us know if you would prefer this. 

These are sent via snail mail to keep the costs down as it is a bulky item. If you would like us to courier yours please let us know so we can advise costs to where you are.