Table Cloths

The village square of Bathurst is scented by the aroma of woodfired pizza and freshly brewed coffee. In fact all our neighbors are in some kind of food industry, all making delicious smells... that float through the air... into our thoughts and make us think about lunch a lot. This is probably why our fabric usually gets sewn up into tablecloths. We’re thinking about food and making perfect platforms for all meals gourmet or simple.

All the table cloths are between 1.4m and 1.5m wide once made up. If you are uncertain of length you need to fit your table you can either measure up and add 30cm overhang on the ends to get your length. Alternatively you can use our handy table size guide found here: Table size guide

In addition to tableware, our fabrics are suitable for upholstery, clothing and curtaining. Most print combinations featured on this site are available for purchase by running meter, it depends on things like base fabric, coffee levels and proximity to Monday.... but we are always keen to accommodate special orders. Please contact us at to discuss.

Click here for table cloth care instructions