Tori Stowe

Tori Stowe is the co-owner of Stowe & so. : Creative Director, principal coffee deleter and picture creator.

She is a freelance artist, designer and illustrator working from her studio in the basement of The Corner Gallery in Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa. As a fine artist, she works on themed collections of works to exhibit. The subject is usually drawn from the natural world: figures, animals and plants described in charcoal with ink, paint and collage elements. Her work is on permanent collection in our gallery in Bathurst and featured in galleries across the country including: Trent Read, Ilovani, The Gallery Riebek Casteel, Gallery 91 and Intoto. In addition she takes private and public commissions.

As a designer: Tori works on illustration and product development, creating most of the products in our gallery. To this end she works in fabric, paper, clothing, ceramics and wood. This is also done on a freelance bases with Tori designing for Woolworths, George Baker, Mongoose Bags, Fabricor and Nasty and Nice Clothing - among others. She has won national awards for design and product development but more usually takes reward from doing what she loves on a daily basis, and fresh coffee. 

 Tori Stowe Studio